The Casino Milano opens its doors in the center of the city, in Diaz Square, on the ground floor of the Martini Tower. Sisal, one of the most important gambling dealers in Italy, has it under management. The Casino Milano presents itself as the casing of the Sisal WinCity, a model of gaming room that includes automated games and that very soon could also present tables dedicated to the game of Poker. Located in the heart of the city, the Milan Casino is easily accessible by tram and metro.


By presenting VLT and New Slot, the Milan Casino can only provide a particular point of interest on which to focus attention: jackpots. Every day the WinCity gives winnings in the order of thousands of euros with regard to the hall jackpots (those that consider the only internal bets of the Milan Casino), and hundreds of thousands of euros for the national jackpots (those formed through the accumulation of bets of all WinCity halls on the national territory). The awarding of the Milan Casino Jackpots is linked to the jackpot scores of the slots and to particular objectives achievable with the bonus stages or through the higher scores that can be made with the combinations of the symbols of the same slots.

Available Games

Games Available Casino Milano The casino categories of the Milan Casino are divided into Videolottery (or VLT) and New Slot, although within the same gaming environment you can also place sports bets and place bets on SuperEnalotto and WinForLife. The Videolotterys of the Milan Casino represent an exciting and fun innovation in the field of gaming machines, as they combine the characteristics of the slots with those of the lotteries, with prize pools and progressive jackpots of both hall and national, with odds up to 500,000 euros. In addition to VLTs, there are many traditional Slot Machines at casino Milan, including the best titles available on the market, as well as the guarantee of regularity offered by Sisal.

General Information

Casino Milano offers numerous services such as Personal Players, a kind of personal trailer ready to give you advice about the types, modes and levels of play. The property offers a tuxedo lounge (smoking room), contracted parking, a wardrobe, free wi-fi and tablets for surfing the internet. Casino Milano also offers excellent catering through a restaurant open at all hours of the day, suitable for breakfast and aperitifs, lunches and dinners.

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